Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are currently only accepting job applications online. The office is closed to visitors.

Please only submit your application once. Allow 14 days for processing before submitting your details again. 



If you would like to access a free FarmReady Card, go to www.farmreadyhub.com to complete your online training using the coupon code rugby2021.

Please note:
A FarmReady Card does not guarantee immediate employment. All FarmReady Card holders will still need to go through the employment application process. 


Job opportunities may exist for the following positions:

  • packing shed workers, 
  • field harvest workers, 
  • tractor drivers,
  • irrigation workers,
  • forklift drivers,
  • maintenance workers,
  • marketing and sales workers,
  • administration workers.

In Northern Queensland,
Lockyer Downs and
Southern Queensland.

Applications for Seasonal Work

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