Quality Guaranteed

We have expanded our business substantially over the last 10 years and supply key customers across Australia as well as numerous export markets with our fresh produce, 12 months of the year.

We have a fully accredited food safety programme and follow industry best practice and standards to assure our quality consistently meets the needs  and expectations of our customers.

Our commitment is to make resources available to support the development, implementation and maintenance of the level 3 Food Quality plan.

Our Produce


Our Produce

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and Technology

Rugby Farm has a long record of innovation and pioneered the use of spray irrigation in the Lockyer Valley in 1924.

Over the decades, the owners have continued to embrace changes in technology, further enabling consistency in quality and yield across all vegetable crops.

Current Management

Current Management

The present family management team of Rugby Farm is a combination of youth and experience.

We proactively respond to any big picture opportunities under our business expansion policy, which encompasses flexibility, supply chain communication and the constant upgrade of infrastructure.

Growing Regions

Growing Regions

Rugby Farm produces approximately 14 000 acres of vegetable crops each year strategically located across Queensland’s abundant growing regions.

Rugby Farm has properties located in:

  • Lockyer Valley – Gatton, Lowood and Fernvale
  • Darling Downs – Clifton
  • Southern Queensland – Amiens, Kyoomba and Listern
  • North Queensland – Bowen and Ayr

Each of these locations has been selected due to ideal climatic conditions, plentiful supplies of clean, fresh water and uncontaminated fertile soils; all essential to consistently deliver exceptional quality produce.


Rugby Farm has grown based on a set of principles which are encompassed in all our interactions, internally amongst the team and externally with our suppliers and customers. Our Values are the qualities you will find our employees hold forefront and display every day of every year. These important attributes are the character of our business and embodied by our staff.



We stand for honesty, loyalty and integrity.



We lead, we innovate and we create opportunity for our people.



We have passion for excellence and quality in everything we do.



We act responsibly, do the right thing and take ownership of our actions.

About the Name: RUGBY FARM

The family farming business began in 1912 when Ernest Hood purchased the original "Rugby Farm" and it is currently run by his grandsons, Matt and Dan Hood.

Ernest Hood purchased the property when he was just 19 years old and chose the name “Rugby Farm” out of reference to his parents who in the late 1800’s, left a district near the town of Rugby and the famous “Rugby School” in England, to migrate to Australia and finally settle in Gatton, Queensland. Ernest was a gifted football player with a love of rugby football codes, a passion that has been passed down through the generations.